Thursday, 27 December 2012

Featuring Horses in your novels...

It's a known fact some actors hate working with animals. In the main because the animals often upstage the actors and people remember the animal's antics and some times cannot even recall the actor's name. The artist Norman Thelwell encapsulates every little girl's dream of owning their very own pony. Of course in drawings he emphasises all the pitfalls alongside amusing and heartfelt moments of owning said pony. The pony he features most tend to be Shetland's, which are often the first pony a child is gifted. They're tough little critters, cute, individualistic, and basically barrels on legs. Some need a good kick-start, others only have to see a whip in their peripheral vision and they drop into second gear as fast as a sports saloon. Whatever their character they're pure fun! 

Probably the most famous horse in literature was/is Black Beauty!
The novel itself was written from the viewpoint of equines = a master stroke of genius. Beautiful and good-natured Black Beauty had it all but fate had cruel tricks in store.  

Or perhaps you recall Black Bess: Dick Turpin's famous mare. 

It's true to say her great feat from London to York was nowhere near as fast as claimed, but hell, she was a real horse: she was Black Bess.

Then of course there were those bred for war.

Whatever horse one chooses to star alongside characters in a book, they can become vital to a reader, who wishes to know their name and their colour just as they want to know the same of the hero and heroine, and believe it, a horse lover will closely follow what happens to horses throughout a book. They are characters too, and don't ever forget their presence can take the lead in many scenes: sometimes happy occasions, sometimes sad affairs especially if disaster strikes. And, often as not equines can drive a plot forward.   

Love 'em or hate 'em horses were part and parcel of life before the car!

Friday, 14 December 2012

New Book Live on Amazon!

Finally Live: this is an update on the ziggy zig zag post:

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Brief blurb:

Actor and Hollywood golden boy, Ricky Lindon, loved Tara Portland with all his heart and lost her through no fault of his own. On seeing her again he’s determined to do whatever it takes to get her back. But fate intervenes in a way that rocks the very foundations of his movie star lifestyle. Not only is Tara surrounded by bodyguards, the new man in her life is a force to be reckoned with, and a disastrous incident turns Ricky from one-time lover to secret stalker. But is the thrill of watching over Tara as she sleeps enough, or will compulsion to touch her be his downfall?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Character Blogging!

A message from Christina Napier (character in Scandalous Whisper).


I have seemingly slipped through time.

Until this morning I had no concept of my existence in this other world. So what or who am I? That is something I too must come to terms with. Nevertheless, I am here, in some nether world. My very thoughts are my spoken words and now appearing before me on a rather peculiar device. But let me begin at the begin:

Awakened by a bright light this very morn the concept of book and stepping from its pages became a whole new experience for me. I am, it would seem, a character within a book and my name is Christina. I was born into a fictional world and have no recollection of existence before my 21st year, for that is where my story begins, along with that of the man I love, Robert Lord Devonish. 

Do I like this other world? Hmm.

It has many benefits, I shall grant it that: quite luxurious benefits. Though I cannot imagine why one would wish to have a metal carriage, and one that has to be driven to a strange place to be fuelled so that it functions, and then driven away again. Horses are so much more practical: fed and watered on one’s premises, and can be driven away at mere request of carriage ordered to the front door at a specified time.

The greatest benefit of this 2012 world, of which I approve most sincere, is that of a bathroom. What a delightful experience!  Oh, and there are wonderful machines for kitchen staff, not least a contraption that washes clothes, washes dishes, and another which sucks dirt from rugs. Just think of the saving in house staff numbers, if all these things could be taken back to my fictional world of England in the year 1818. But of course, they would be useless in our world. 

Another device I find most amusing is that from which I hear a voice, and likewise I can be heard, yet both speakers are miles distant. There is also what is referred to as The TV. It’s a rather fun contraption, but the device it requires to function correctly seems to malfunction with regularity. I think I shall be glad to get back to my own world, where women are feminine and men are men, for I have seen breeches everywhere and worn by men and women alike. But I thank my creator for giving me a glimpse of her world, and if not for her New Year’s resolution to publish in paperback I might be trapped inside a Kindle contraption instead of crispy new paperback book.

Blurb Scandalous Whisper:

England, September 1818, and the Hon Mrs. Napier views the Earl of Kilder as a most desirable suitor for her daughter’s hand in marriage. Forced to engage with the extremely handsome and charming earl, a darker side to his nature is revealed and Christina despises his very presence. Worse, her twin brother cavorts with the earl in unmentionable pursuits, and equally bent on seeing her married to his favoured friend. Luckily, with the return of the 11th Dragoons from France, their eldest brother’s homecoming affords Christina brief respite from the earl’s overt attentions. 

So too, the man Christina admires above all others has returned to the Netherwood Estate. A chance meeting and lingering eye contact with her heart’s desire stirs rebellion within her. Her mother impervious to an act of wilful subterfuge insists Christina will marry the earl, but Christina indulges in secret liaisons with the man of her dreams. With deception retribution must follow and a cruel price is to be paid when Robert Lord Devonish is recalled to duty, the regiment bound for India. What will become of her now there is no one to save her from the earl’s clutches?