Monday, 3 August 2015

The advantage of exclusivity at Amazon!

The advantage of exclusivity at Amazon. And yes this may sound a bit like a Promo for Amazon. But that said, I do think Jeff Bezos deserves a pat on the back for giving the great unpublished a worldwide platform that never quite existed before Amazon opened its virtual doors.
Indeed there were small on-line presses and a lot of small niche/romance publishers had their own web sites, some with stores, but it was a hit 'n' miss market place for readers and authors alike. OK, so... there were others who first dreamed up mass market on-line e-book stores, some succeeded like Smashwords/Lulu et al, and others dreamed up e-book readers, and yes, Kindle stole the lead on good marketing. Plus Amazon's uploading facility was slick, unlike other cyber platforms, though it's fair to say one or two of the others have improved somewhat, but not all.
So why have I chosen to keep the majority of my books exclusive to Amazon? Ans: Loyalty! It gave me a second crack at getting my books to readers, some old republished editions along with new ones, and I've found Amazon staff a pleasure to contact, and have in general received a polite and charming personal footnote to e-mail correspondence, except in one case when a female member of staff was clearly having a bad day at work or was simply devoid of social graces, hence her response was curt and unhelpful. But, out of the blue, I received a follow-up e-mail from a male who had taken up my query and had run with it, and the response was great: mission accomplished!
So yes, despite the fact other authors complain about Amazon's bully tactics, and at how Amazon's exclusivity deals restrict other opportunities, I'm a fan of Amazon and loyalty is two-way stretch in my little book of honour against the odds, and I'm betting not one of you can claim greater sales on any of the other cyber platforms, and I'll second wager, the majority of your income is acquired via Amazon.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

A Collaborative Charity Project by Award Winning & Best Selling Authors!

Live at Amazon!
This anthology comprises novellas penned by not only ex mainstream best selling authors, but self-published and award winning authors as well.  

We dare you to step back in time to the era of The Three Musketeers, Charles I, Charles II. We further dare you to face our swashbuckling heroes and strong heroines, who brave the uncertain times of war and rebellions. If you think only men wield swords, and women don't spy on the enemy, then think again... 

Book Blurb:

War, Rebellion, Love and Romance!

While England is ravaged by Civil War, divided loyalties abound and Victory is not always as imagined. With a king beheaded, a king in exile, and a Lord Protector ruling the land, the future looks certain for many and fraught with danger for others. ‘Tis true to say, characters have shaped their own destinies: but at what price, and what price must be paid for the future?

The Countess Spy – Anita Seymour

Oliver Cromwell is triumphant and the king is dead,

But Elizabeth, Lady Tollemache will never give up on the Royalist Cause and pledges her loyalty to the exiled King.


The Price of Convictions – Anna Belfrage

Matthew Graham has the choice between staying in Scotland and Risking death, 

or leaving his homeland and breaking his heart.

Not the easiest of choices...


Si tu Dois Partir – M. J. Logue

Russell thought he would never be worthy of the only woman

he’d ever wanted: Thomazine thought he was an idiot...


The King’s Courier – Francine Howarth

“Breeches do not maketh man, any more than skirts maketh woman.”


The Chambermaid – Andrea Zuvich

“I am as you find me. The wheel of fortune has turned,

And Vauxhall Manor’s rightful heir has returned.”


Secrets of a Princess – Kelli Klampe

“They will take you even if they know the cost will be their very life.”


Goblin Damn’d – Susan Ruth

“I fear this gentleman does not understand the jeopardy he is in. One cannot simply walk into Woodhall and hold guns to people’s heads.”