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... “No one, absolutely no one will dare disturb us, unless the house catches fire”...

Cassandra never envisaged a week in the countryside with her cousin would lead to childish mischief. The prospect of the village stocks looms when they are caught trespassing within a grand country house. However, the law is the law, and the price of freedom in Cassandra’s case proves more costly than imagined, for she loses her heart to the very man whose portrait Sarah had fallen in love with, the man Sarah insists she will tempt and seduce at will. Cassandra’s release from custody by the man himself fuels jealousy and rivalry between her and Sarah. But when shocking revelations of a scandalous affair and illicit passions set precedence for a hasty elopement, stunned by it all, Cassandra discovers passionate asides can lead to true love and romance in the strangest of circumstance.

 Sensual Steamy Georgian Romance
set in Italy

Contrary to hairstyles of the era (1700s) 
her hair is loose for a reason!

“...It would be unforgiveable for him to break his oath...”

Presented with a dreadful and frightening fait accompli, the Contessa de’ Medici is ordered to commit to a shameful act to beget an heir to her husband’s fortune. In defiance of the laws of the church and the sanctity of marriage, her husband has determined only one direct de’ Medici bloodline is acceptable. Fearful she can never lure her husband’s chosen man to her bed, she seeks to deceive him. But war comes to Italy, scandal rocks the foundations of the nearby village, dark secrets are unveiled, and Portia is finally blessed with true love.

Regency Romance

...rekindling flames from smouldering embers of lustful dreams is a risqué venture...

Whilst tales of Gothic horror deters visitors to Titchley House, the publication of Byron’s Vampyre added to the rumour the Countess of Villach has returned to her childhood home, stirs untold curiosity at neighbouring Upton Park. Alas, fear in one girl’s nightmare stirs her uncle and father to action, but neither man is truly prepared when the past and present collide in a whirlwind of suppressed desires. Whilst Bryony Stafford, novelist extraordinaire wars with the Earl of Wittlesea, his brother Captain Carleton is hell-bent on seducing the countess. He’s no saint and well aware scandal can taint the innocent, but can he win the woman he’s coveted for ten years or is she truly a Sinful Countess?

A Steamy Georgian Novella.

...Dark secrets are lurking within a lakeside grotto and a garden temple...
With a strange mystery surrounding the murder of his brother, Nash Beresford is forced to return to the family fold and assume guardianship of the Enderly Estate. Little does he realise his brother’s evil nature had drawn others to a garden temple, where akin to wasps at a honey pot they enacted despicable acts of a sexual and perverse nature, the ramifications of which slowly unfold and are disclosed by a ravishingly beautiful gypsy.

An Earl in Disguise

   A ruthless rogue?  

A cruel twist of fate surrounding death and family duty blights one man’s life, whilst past lustful engagements bring dark family secrets to light for another. Thus torn between covert existence as a portrait artist and his other life within the aristocratic elite, Morgan Farnley leads a hellish existence. Whilst obligated to a woman against his wishes, his life is not entirely his own, and always wary of exposure, whilst alighting from a carriage bearing a woman inside; there stands the woman he loves. For her sake he dare not acknowledge her presence, and he prays the Marchioness of Thyne will forgive him for being other than she has surmised. But will she grant him audience as soon as time affords, or dismiss any notion of further contact?

A Steamy Regency  'Love at First Sight"

This a scene from the novel - her hair is down after spending a night in an abandoned house.

Having dined with Napoleon, the Duchess of Rochester is en route back to British lines in southern France, her mission accomplished, but who is she truly spying for, and did Napoleon believe her explanation for having strayed into enemy territory? Thus despite a company of French troopers supposedly escorting her coach, she and the coachman finds themselves suddenly abandoned in the midst of blizzard conditions, the escort having vanished. In fear for her life, an unexpected encounter with a French Cuirassier officer is about to turn her secretive world topsy-turvy, for the life she must return to is not near as inviting as the life of a Runaway Duchess in the arms of Captain Jean-Marc Faber.

The Runaway Duchess is the story of Matijs de Boviere, the son of Francois de Boviere, Le Count of Sant mon Marche, who is the hero of the Highwayman's Mistress. 

It is 1793: era of the French Revolution.
Richard Courtenay Viscount Somerton, gallant as heroes come, has agreed to see Miss Diamonta Whitaker, safely delivered to the Palace of Versailles. Half French by birth and daughter of a French countess, Diamonta has more than one reason for accepting a gracious invite to stay at the Royal Court at Versailles. Her heart lies at court, with Francois de Boviere, Count of Saint Mont Marche.
Unfortunately, tide of revolution has swept from Paris to Versailles and heads of French aristocrats are seriously under threat of Madame Guillotine. With Diamonta's coche still en route to Versailles, strange as it seems a highwayman delivers a message by way of robbery to save her life. Can she, upon return to England, ever recover from her mother's wrath once her relationship with a highwayman is discovered, and can he survive a duel to the death?

Three Steamy "Love at First Sight" Novellas 

One grave transgression in her past, and Lady Louise de Winter, has accepted all hope for love and romance is but a dream she dare not embrace. Aware her semi-closeted existence on the Harcourt Estate is no more, and a substantial inheritance awaits her pleasure, her friend Count Casarotto suddenly brings his personal troubles to her door and seeks sanctuary. Worse, pursued by officers of his majesty’s regiment of horse, Louise endeavours to conceal his presence despite qualms as to his innocence. What is more, devastatingly attracted to the senior officer, Louise battles to retain sense of propriety as burning desire within takes hold. But despite Major Fitzwilliam’s reassurance he cares not a jot about her past, the truth remains she is not as other young would-be brides. Therefore, dare she give her heart into his care?

...she had never thought it was possible 
to fall in love at first sight...

An arranged marriage against her will and Erica Townsend is at odds with her father, and worse, he is not the father she had thought he was when friends and acquaintances of his pay visit to the family house. Albeit initially intrigued and voyeuristically mesmerized by an event that unfolds within the garden arbour, she and her younger sister decide they cannot remain within a house where Erica’s betrothed debauches other women at will, as does their father. Desperate in seeking the help of a gentleman neighbour who is sweet on her sister, their chosen escape route is fraught with temptations along the way. Whilst Erica dares to appear bolder than she is, can she truly trust the Earl of Epsom, or is he as much a libertine as her betrothed?

A Devilish Masquerade

A Coaching Accident, a Regency New Year Fancy Dress Ball, and a Devilish Masquerade will ensue.
The cynical Melbourne, Earl Standish, has resigned himself to a bachelor existence in which a mistress is a damn sight safer than young chits with mother’s who are hell-bent on securing a title for their daughters. Stealing the cherry as sporting game has never been his gambit, until that is, a coaching accident involving his sister and the Danby family, thrusts an irresistible young lady into his sightline. Conventions of hospitality must be afforded to the rescuers of his sister, and with a New Year ball imminent at Norton Priory, Standish is hopelessly smitten, but he has two brothers and the elder of the two is a renowned cherry stealer. Can the Earl overcome his misgivings and rejoin the Marriage Mart – and will the rakish brother let him steal away with Cecily Danby?

A Steamy Gothic Regency Murder Mystery 

Remained a UK Best Selling Novel #1 -#20 for almost six months. 

Devon Howard, the Duke of Malchester, acquires a bride by dubious means. Well aware Liliana is a reluctant duchess, and although his new wife submits to his ardent advances on the wedding night, he cannot be sure, that even if given time, she will ever surrender her heart to him. While his past continues to damn him, he sets out to win Liliana by inciting jealousy and rivalry ‘twixt her and Serenity: a would-be mistress?

Likewise Liliana has a dilemma, for although she despises her circumstances and feigns disinterest in Devon, she cannot deny his desirability. Twice married, rumours abound. Devon has twice bedded and broken a wife. Liliana believes otherwise. Nonetheless, evil does exist within the walls of Calder Hall, and Liliana fears for her life when she’s brutally abducted from her coach whilst en route from Dorset to Exmoor. But it is Devon’s blood that is sought, and while revenge for one person proves bittersweet, for another it proves fatal.
~ *~
Sequel to the Reluctant Duchess
A steamy Murder Mystery in which Marcus Fairweather, Earl of Sheldon, finds true love:

A scandalous moment of surrender to Marcus Fairweather, Earl of Sheldon and May Thorne is riddled with guilt: all despite the fact her debauched husband’s passions are sated anywhere but in the marital bed. Worse, when Squire Thorne is brutally murdered, her legacy is determined by a clause in her late husband’s will. Thus wedlock to his lawyer, a man of zealous moral and religious bent is utterly abhorrent to her. Nonetheless, the lawyer is of mind to enact the clause in haste, and his ardent advances are somewhat intense and unsettling. But who shot Squire Thorne poses a mystery – the lawyer, the earl, or a strange intruder who steals nothing? In the aftermath of death a long-held family secret is finally revealed, and when a shadowy figure looms in her moonlit bedchamber, she fears the outcome...

The Bath Series 
Romantic Regency Murder Mysteries.
(Sensual & Steamy Scenes)

She was once the darling of the beau monde, but Georgette Lady Beaumont’s reputation lies in tatters after the apparent suicide of Lord Brockenbury’s heir. Shunned by society, Georgette embraces a secretive lifestyle in which she endeavours to evade Adam Brockenbury, whom she loathes as much as he desires her. Believing him capable of murder to gain his heart’s desire, she is not alone in thinking his elder brother’s death as somewhat suspicious, and whilst on a clandestine visit to her dearest friends she encounters a stranger of note.
As love, jealousy and hate take precedence, three murders are committed and Georgette quite believes she will be the murderer’s next victim, but who is the real murderer? 

The Dark Marquis

Despite a dark secret and aware his father the duke will likely disinherit him of all but the entailed house and immediate lands for marrying below his rank, Rupert Marquis of Ranchester is nonetheless determined to wed his mistress. But Caroline Lady Somerville, an old flame of Rupert’s has returned from India a widow, and has every intention of once again leading him into vices of the flesh, gambling and the dream smoke.
Nervous but happy about imminent wedlock life becomes Hell for Estelle, when one man’s inner desires lead to blackmail, betrayal leads to revenge, and a string of murders place the duke in the frame as the killer. But what possible reason could the Duke of Leighdon have for terrorising Estelle, for killing the duchess, a portraitist, a whore and Caroline?

The Damnable Lady Caroline

A Romantic Gothic Regency Murder Mystery set within a remote Scottish Castle.  – (Steamy)

Whilst young Lady Caroline Douglas is plotting to take flight from a disastrous marriage and escape the confines of KilKenneth Castle, betrayal, lust, and the financial bank crisis of 1825 suddenly opens a Pandora’s box of intrigue, murder, and mystery. The newly widowed Lady Caroline faces few choices in light of imminent poverty, the best being to hunt down and marry a wealthy man, the worst to runaway with a penniless lover. Thence unbidden attentions of a would-be laird and with assistance from his strange sister, they conspire to keep Caroline prisoner to his every whim. Thus Caroline turns to essence of the dream smoke to thwart their plans, until a lewd painting leads to dark desires and threat of forced submission to the would-be laird. But romance and escape to love and happiness Caroline had so sought, and never encountered, her fate seemingly lies within a stained glass window depicting a mediaeval knight. 

The Trevellians' of New-Lyn 
Story of two generations spanning the Georgian period into the  Regency era.
Romantic Murder Mysteries. (no sex scenes)

The Admiral’s Prize: part 1 – (Sensual Romance throughout the books)
After the dreadful murder of la Comtesse Montacute and her sons, within the grounds of the family château, le Comte and his daughter are mortified by turn of events. Who did it and for what reason? Utterly distraught, they accept the help of an English marquis and return with him to England. But a dreadful dilemma then unfolds. A secret tryst between Adelle and a young admiral leads to untold heartache, when her aunt declares she is spoken for. Thus Adelle would rather risk life on the streets with a fellow countryman than abide to her father and her aunt’s desire to see her wedded to the marquis. But when a man of cold countenance and vengeful nature is hunting her, as he would a fox running ahead of his hounds, she fears the marquis will win the day by means most cruel and dastardly.

Part 2

Wanting to believe the past is in the past and that friendship can be reinstated with an old adversary, Admiral Trevellian loses far more than he ever bargained on by trusting Landford, who is now the Duke of Norfleet. Betrayal runs deep, so deep Trevellian awakens to discover his wife has stolen away with her French coachman, and fearing the worst that she’s taken their son, Trevellian is further shocked to discover the boy has been left in his charge. Wielding a sword in battle is quite different than wielding one in pure anger and grievance at another’s insane jealousy. But hold the duke to account, Trevellian will until satisfaction is met with cold steel to flesh. And whilst he believes death will cease his unbearable pain, his son determines otherwise.

Part 3

It is 1814 Regency England, and Captain Jack Trevellian RN (Royal Navy) has returned home to South Devon. But on the eve of his return, a young woman is murdered. Three more murders occur in quick succession, and Captain Jack is convinced someone wishes to see him dangling from a hangman’s noose. Determined to uncover the identity of the killer, Captain Jack and his army friend Captain Lester Knight, stir more trouble than anticipated when their aristocratic neighbour brings rank to bear in matters of the judicial system. Nonetheless, wilful, bold and daring, and all for love of Captain Jack, Alathea Velvet Hawkesworth attempts to lure the murderer from the shadows at a grand masque ball. The true identity of the murderous villain is not as imagined, and she fears she will die a terrible death whilst laughter, music and heady scent of roses drift on a balmy evening breeze, and all within a palatial setting.

Other Georgian and Regency novels.

An Earl in Disguise

   A ruthless rogue?  

A cruel twist of fate surrounding death and family duty blights one man’s life, whilst past lustful engagements bring dark family secrets to light for another. Thus torn between covert existence as a portrait artist and his other life within the aristocratic elite, Morgan Farnley leads a hellish existence. Whilst obligated to a woman against his wishes, his life is not entirely his own, and always wary of exposure, whilst alighting from a carriage bearing a woman inside; there stands the woman he loves. For her sake he dare not acknowledge her presence, and he prays the Marchioness of Thyne will forgive him for being other than she has surmised. But will she grant him audience as soon as time affords, or dismiss any notion of further contact?

Venetian Encounter (steamy)

The year is 1800 – Naples/Venice/England.
Amidst a gathering of nobility and gentry a daring jewel theft occurs. A young naval lieutenant suggests the notorious Venetian jewel thief could well be a woman, but a beautiful Russian countess scoffs at his suggestion albeit in coquettish manner. Determined to unmask the identity of the thief, at the same time intrigued by the countess, Lt Herne covertly follows Therese around Naples. But where the countess treads murders occur with frequency and she suddenly takes flight to Venice. Ordered to the Adriatic on naval business Herne drops anchor in Venice. Tempted ashore by Carnivale a second encounter with the countess proves fatal for both. Madly in love they indulge in pleasurable pursuits but become embroiled in the mysterious death of a Russian count. Therese fears a secret is best kept secret but Herne asks a potent question and she cannot lie for the truth is staring him in the face!

Scandalous Whisper

It is England, September 1818, and the Hon Mrs. Napier views the Earl of Kilder as a most desirable suitor for her daughter’s hand in marriage. Forced to engage with the extremely handsome and charming earl, a darker side to his nature is revealed and Christina despises his very presence. Worse, her twin brother cavorts with the earl in unmentionable pursuits, and equally bent on seeing her married to his favoured friend. Luckily, with the return of the 11th Dragoons from France, their eldest brother’s homecoming affords Christina brief respite from the earl’s overt attentions.
So too, the man Christina admires above all others has returned to the Netherwood Estate. A chance meeting and lingering eye contact with her heart’s desire stirs rebellion within her. Her mother impervious to an act of wilful subterfuge insists Christina will marry the earl, but Christina indulges in secret liaisons with the man of her dreams. With deception retribution must follow and a cruel price is to be paid when Robert Lord Devonish is recalled to duty, the regiment bound for India. What will become of her now there is no one to save her from the earl’s clutches?

 The Waterloo Legacy (Steamy scene)

When news of Wellington’s victory at Waterloo arrives at Pennard Hall, excitement and trepidation prevails. Thus, with Pennard’s heroes homeward bound, a grand homecoming ball is in the making. But a letter arrives, a letter from another woman, and Isobel, Countess of Weston, is quite aware life can never be as it was before. Worse, a terrible sin in the dowager countess’ past suddenly threatens to undermine the structure of lawful inheritance. Albeit sage advice is proffered by the Duke of Wellington, and makes perfect sense, can Isobel’s son remain as heir to the title: Earl of Weston?

Celeste - An Erotic novel

Set in the 1700s

A Gothic tale of lust and love in the vein of Beauty and the Beast: the classic fairytale - beware the twist ending, for it's probably not as you might imagine - this being a moral tale.

Thus, on Putney Heath in the year of 1783 stands a house renowned for two ghosts of a scandalous bent, none of which deters patronage to Madame DuPont’s infamous abode by wealthy gentlemen. With the sudden death of Madame DuPont, and accrued debts of which her daughter has no hope of paying, Celeste is faced with the horrors of the debtors’ prison or the unspeakable of having to sell her body for monetary gain: as had her mother. But fate intervenes with a guardian angel, and marriage to Captain Wendover is soon the answer to her prayers but not her dreams. Life though has cruel twists and turns and Celeste discovers true love runs deep, much deeper than she had anticipated when a man from her past steps back into her life.
Sequel to Celeste

“Of Love, and Highwaymen”
It’s 1783 and Major Nathaniel Brookes, a dashing Highwayman, has a past and no future. With his faithful steed, Spartan, their hunting grounds are the open highways, until the day he’s looking down the barrel of a pistol held by a woman, the very day he was earlier shot by a redcoat. Convinced Mally Headley, fondly referred to as the witch, is no figment of a dying man’s imagination, he’s more than grateful when she saves his life. Friendship soon blossoms to romance, but marriage to the local squire offers Mally security no highwayman can provide. But what transpires as Nathaniel steps from Brooke's Club in London provides a life to which he was once accustomed, but will Mally marry him when she learns the truth of who he really is?

~ *~
Her Favoured Captain

This is a Risque and Controversial story for people who don't understand the tragedy of PTSD, nor the fact women were bound to honour a father's wish, or abide to the edict set down by an elder brother. Contracted marriages were commonplace, and not all suitors were honourable...   Beware attempted rape! 
News of an arranged betrothal shatters Emerald Lady Penhavean’s dreams of one day wedded for love. Her instinct to rebel causes severe conflict between her and her brother, and Lord Penhavean insists she will marry the Earl of Moorby no matter what: with or without her consent. To ensure her compliant to his bidding he resorts to cruel measure and destroys the one thing she loves above all others.
Distraught, she flees to the creek with intention of setting herself free from betrothal to a man more than twice her age. There she encounters a stranger, a young buccaneer of wise if witty countenance. Something in his eyes and tone of voice stir feelings Emerald cannot ignore, and life once again seems preferable to that of death. But how can she now return to the house and the fate that awaits her, when she knows her heart finally captured by a man she could truly love?

The Royal Series - spanning the years 1642 - 1685 at present.
There are two more books to come. 
Debt of Honour is short prequel novella (no sex)
All the novels in the Royal Series are Steamy Romances. 


A 17th century prequel (novella) set in the year 1642 when Civil War in England is no longer mere rumour, it has become reality with muskets primed and swords drawn. Death or Glory is the motto of the Earl of Axbridge, his men at arms likewise and all in the name of King Charles I.
The earl – handsome, virile, a courtier and the King’s Emissary to the Low Countries has long since harnessed and hidden his passionate nature from his wife. Sadly upon his return to Axebury Hall with an orphaned child at his side, hell rains as he never thought to encounter. Nonetheless, betrayal comes in many guises. Who then has betrayed his King and, the master of Axebury Hall? There is only one way the earl will defeat the enemy from within the family fold and that is by the sword. Unfortunately he cannot avoid hurting a woman who is as close to his heart as his son and that of the girl who has lately become his ward. Thus, I give you the earl, his son and a young lady who will bind them in ways that will one day present the greatest challenge to the earl’s credibility as a man of honour.

A 17th century story of Undying Love & Scandalous Seduction. All set against the backdrop of 
the English Civil Wars 1642 –1649

Orphaned at royal court, Anna Lady Maitcliffe has embraced freedom from courtly restraint whilst residing at Axebury Hall Estate. Wilful and impulsive she wins hearts with ease, but Viscount Axebury duly rejects her romantic overtures, not once but twice and for good reason. Civil War is marching across England and he will soon be regarded as the enemy.

Distraught by his rejection she turns to another for solace, an older suitor whom she trusts above all others. Seduced by her feminine wiles Lord Gantry's overt desire to possess her gives rise to new meaning of amour, nonetheless she is trapped in a loveless betrothal. Fate suddenly intervenes and throws her and the viscount together, but hell lies before them and claims terrible dues in payment for their undying love for each other.

Book 2: Toast of Clifton

This steamy romance is set against the backdrop of Charles Stuart’s attempt to wrest England from Oliver Cromwell’s clutches (1651), and that of the royal court in exile.

Once renowned as the Toast of Clifton, Elizabeth Mountjoy strives to shake off rumours she was ever mistress to Charles II, for she’s madly in love with Captain Thomas Thornton: a Parliamentarian Captain of Horse. Unfortunately, past betrayal haunts Thomas, and when the chance to right a wrong comes his way he once again fights for the King, but to lose his estate lands is a high price to pay for heroism in defeat. Worse, the love of his life suffers the wrath of one of Cromwell’s officers, and he’s finally forced to decide who must come first, wife or King? He’s not alone in facing a dilemma, for the King too is forced to put his country first before his heart whilst in exile.
Book 3: Royal Secrets

Set post-Restoration of the Monarchy. A tale of love, lust, abduction and jealousy.
In this steamy romance swords clash despite a royal ban on duelling. But as hate, love jealousy and ambition abound courtiers’ fight for all or nothing. So too, court politics and intrigues lure unsuspecting innocents into carefully woven webs of deceit. The Gantry, Thornton and Wittlesham households are duly affected by turn of events, for not all royal mistresses are true to one man. Whilst Justine Thornton ponders revealing royal secrets to his majesty King Charles II, someone else has it in mind to kidnap and silence her forever. Can she survive and who will be her champion, her betrothed or James Scott Duke of Monmouth?

Book 4: Love & Rebellion

A 17th century tale of jealousy, secret societies, betrayal and a scandalous love affair set against the backdrop of 
The Rye House Plot.

It’s 1683 and spies and counter spies are scheming to ensure or prevent a Catholic ascendancy to the throne of England, and all because Charles Stuart’s age and reluctance to name his successor is causing much concern for the future of the country. Once again the Gantry and Thornton families are drawn into the fray of courtly politics. While the Thornton family rally to the Protestant cause and favour the Duke of Monmouth as the next king, bitter rivalry erupts between the Gantry brothers and leads to a battle royal as a mystery from the past comes to light, which in turn affects the Thornton family.

To Come in this Series.

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The Highwayman Series - yet to come
The King's Courier is published as an e-book (KU)

...“Breeches do not maketh man, any more than skirts maketh woman”...

Pembrokeshire: September 1643: 

Amidst the sound of pistol fire and clashing swords, Gwendolyn Phillips looks into Penn Lascelles' green eyes and knows the passing of the years have done nothing to quell her romantic notions for a youth who’d held her gaze and never acted upon it. She’s now a woman and he a man, but they are soon at odds over her wielding a sword against a Parliamentarian soldier, for despite loyalty to King and Crown she’s but a girl in Penn’s eyes and friction abounds. 

As aware as he that one spark of desire will ignite a flame neither can douse, she’s convinced it will burn her for sure. Torn between duty and desire for Gwen, a price must be paid if Penn is to keep her sheltered from butchery on battlefields. But can he prevent the foolhardy hoyden from stealing his heart and risking her life to follow him back to England and the King’s lines?