Sunday, 14 October 2018

Jane Austen Fan Fiction novel

A Traditional Sweet Regency Jane Austen Fan Fiction Novel -
A Pride and Prejudice Sequel.
Believe me, this was hard work and I admire any author who picks up the gauntlet and writes a JAFF novel. I explain why in the Introduction to the book!

Book's blurb/premise.

~ Nothing is ever quite as one might imagine ~

The new mistress at Pemberley is quite sure all Darcy’s friends, and his neighbours, will be keen to make his wife’s acquaintance. But several weeks later and no callers, who is Belle, and can it be true, Darcy has a mistress and a love child? As tensions rise and turmoil ensues, the three married Bennet sisters are reunited at Pemberley and duly set out to unravel the mystery of Darcy’s past. But when Belle and Bonnie arrive at the house, Darcy steals the ground from beneath Elizabeth’s feet. Likewise a letter from Longbourn heralds such favourable news everyone falls utterly speechless: until Lydia explodes “Heavens above, what a giggle!” 
I confess I have never aspired to emulate any other author's writing voice (style) and for me this was a fun exercise in writing a Jane Austen Fan Fiction novel which I am of mind has become one of French Farce proportions, and dare I say, it's a modest Homage to some of Jane’s delightful characters from Pride and Prejudice, characters beloved by readers across the globe so I pray I've not in any way besmirched the names Bennet, Darcy, or Bingley.  

I did place this at Amazon as a pre-order copy with a temporary unedited draft whilst the novel was in the hands of my editor, and come the deadline day to upload the edited copy Amazon had a glitch on the system and the previewer was down as well. The problem being the uploads (enacted several times) would not overwrite the draft copy. To cut a long saga short the book went live with the wrong file, and Amazon tech guy couldn't upload the file either. I was advised to unpublish and republish, which I have now done. Typically a reviewer sought to point out the fact it  was republished, and assumed it was solely to negate two negative reviews at Amazon com. Well I would have been foolish to lose several reviews, two of which were 5 and one a 4 star on the UK site, and all merely to negate two malicious reviews at Amazon com. Though I will thank the two reviewers, Mrs Darcy and Kindlelover, because every review helps in revealing the "dark side" of those who stalk authors for whatever reason best known to them.  Aside from that I have since been granted the Jane Austen Readers' Award. So am a bit chuffed!            

Available worldwide at Amazon - e-book, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited: 

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