Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Bog Award Challenge!

The lovely Karen Aminadra nominated/tagged moi for the Liebster Blog Award. I'm not sure how this all works but I'm always game for a bit of fun. First off I have to post 11 random facts about moi. 11 questions posed by Karen are answered at bottom. I am then, I think, obliged to name 11 more bloggers,  so below the 11 random facts!

1) I wanted to be an Opera singer!

2) I owned my own esquestrian business: now retired from all that.

3) I had 4 novels published by Red Velvet Books (e-publisher) and several paperbacks pubbed with mainstream Masquerade New York. Both no longer in publishing as independants.

4) I've always had German Shepherd Dogs as constant companions: though I have a hybrid GSD/Wolf at the moment. 

5) I love cats but love birds, too. And after my last two cats, Tigger being not the least interested in birds but a great killer of rodents inclusive grey squirrels, and a great buddy. His brother Whisky, on the other hand, happened to be a bird killing fanatic and predeceased Tigger by four years. But, I'm letting the birds have their days unhindered! No cats in residence. 

6) I live in the country down dark tree-lined driveway: quite spooky so I'm told by visitors. I also have a witches broom hanging in the porchway. ;)

7)  I own my own land and wooded area so can walk dog where I like when I like, nearest neighbours fields away. 

8) I love gardening and have lots of bush fruit (raspberries), plus loads of strawberries and fruit trees (apples/cherries etc) inclusive peach trees grown indoors: they fruit. Can't you tell I'm mad about fruit, and grow most of my own veg.

9) I have two grown up daughters, and four grandchildren.

10) I have a hubby (second) and he's the best: quite a poetic romantic kind of guy! 

11) I read upward of 3 books per week as well as penning novels. Though did at one time review books for a famous magazine.

If I've added your name at the bottom of this post, perhaps you too will join in the fun and participate. 

Now for my answers to Karen's questions!

1 - Do you speak another language? (Other than English?)

Ans: Passable Latin, smattering of French, speck of Italian and a few words of Welsh.

2 - Is there a place in the world that you've always wanted to visit? Where/what is it?
Ans: St. Petersburg. The beautiful blue and white facades are just stunning, and the gorgeous interior of the Winter Palace grandiose at its best.

3 - If you could go back in time, when would you go to and why?

Ans: The era of the English Civil Wars. Why (?) is impossible to answer except to say I have an illogical affinity for this particular period.

4 - If you could go back in time within your own lifetime, what would you do ? Would you change anything?

Ans: Nostalgia for the carefree days of childhood has a certain appeal, at a time when adults (for me) were exotic beings, grim-faced or just great fun to be with. Books were a huge part of my life back then, and losing myself in books and indulging in observation of the adults all about me, not to mention throwing questions at them at every turn, I grew to love the way a specific lady smoked a Black Russian cigarette with (of all things) a long cigarette holder. I thought of her as the grandest elder lady I had ever met, partly because she’d travelled the globe, plus she recalled wonderful tales of her exploits, though it’s fair to say I met numerous equally interesting people thereafter. But I always remember her with great affection, for she let me have a drag on one of her Black Russians. I straightway fell to a bout of coughing, promptly puked up my lunch, and all she said was: “Desire is one thing, experience often as not a shocking let down.” Needless to say I never desired a cigarette thereafter.

5 - Which of the characters that you've written is your favourite and, why?

Ans: As I am in all fairness obliged to choose a favourite, which is almost impossible, it has to be the hero Captain Thomas Thornton from The Royal Series, for in Book 1 he is merely a supporting character with a bit of reputation as a rakish Cavalier officer. And, when captured by the enemy (his best friend and cousin) he has to face the worst dilemma of his life: betray everything he believed in. But, in Book 2 he’s not only a hardened soldier and husband, he is often called upon to prove his rakish reputation was unfounded. At the same time he feels obliged to right a wrong, but in doing so he finds himself in exile alongside his King. In Book 3 his children are coming of age and he’s fighting on all fronts, for his past is again haunting him and although he casts his sword aside to become a peacemaker at home, he wields it against a courtier with dire consequences in defence of a loved one. By Book 4 he’s a grandfather but still his reputation as a lion-of-a-fighter stands him in good stead when the Duke of Monmouth steps ashore with every intention of toppling James II from the throne of England.

6 - Is there someone whom you'd love to put into one of your novels and kill off? (I won't ask who, but can you tell us why?

Ans: No. I’m a great believer in Karma!

7 - Are you nostalgic? What or when for?

Ans: I’ve kind of covered this wthin “when and where would I step back into my past life”. But, I’ll add playing hockey. Loved it!

8 - What was your favourite band/group/singer when you were growing up?
Ans: Ooh, lordy. There are simply too many to list and no one favourite. So I’ll cheat: Elvis, Adam Faith and opera.

9 - Who was your first kiss with?
Ans: romantic kiss… A 6’ 2” blond Adonis.

10 - Have you ever thought about writing in a different genre? Which genre and why?

Ans: I write contemporary romantic suspense and started my published career (way-back) penning erotic novels. Hence my novels err steamy and explicit now and again! ;)

11 - What is the one thing in the world that you cannot live without?

Ans: a dog at heel!

Are you listed? I'll keep adding until I reach 11 participants

Please answer same questions as above. 

Quick apology note: Blogger has farted about whilst I was composing this: changing font, altering word sizes etc. I finally gave up and posted as it appears... Please excuse cock-ups!  Also, I've lost a few comments due to moving this from front page