Monday, 15 November 2010

Dreams can come True!

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Like all good romance stories, it's up to the hero to find the key to the heroine's heart!
As far as my heroines' go, once the key is found and her heart unlocked, no matter what may occur to cause a parting of the ways all roads lead back to where they came from.   ;) 

As this blog is essentially about my writing, I don't want to clutter this window with waffle about moi.  After all, what am I but a writer casting characters; setting scenes and creating lavish backdrops. Sometimes a hero and/or heroine may cause moi to tread a dangerous path, all the while passion and obsession luring them and me toward a romantic liaison. Sometimes insane jealousy enters play, maybe even revenge when dark emotional pits of despair lie in wait for the unwary and trap them in its evil grip.

Yet always, dreams can come true: but how?  The latter being the reason why - as readers of romance - we love the thrill of the chase, intimate eye contact, fleeting touch of hands, the first sensual kiss and, the moment when the love between hero and heroine becomes all consuming, all possessing and downright hot hot hot! For  now, though, it's back to a second historical novel: one in sequence of three set within same period of history.  ;)  

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Romance is all about placing obstacles in the way of a hero so that an HEA (happy ever after) fails to happen seven pages into a book. 
All barriers, as we expect, will be overcome, eventually.
How that is to happen is the burning question, and whether the execution of the turning point renders believable or ridiculous!