Saturday, 14 May 2011

New Excerpt from Novella.

Writing a novella is something new for me, and I may not, come the ending, feel happy with a shortened story. Who can say? But I'm giving it a go, because like flash-fiction, it's a great exercise in honing one's work, of cutting to the bone yet still conveying a wonderful story. The image below inspired the writing of "Her Favoured Captain"  an ongoing WIP.

It's a Royal Navy ship, and something about the image stirred my imagination.  The dark sky, the chill looking waters and sails lashed in implied (to me) the hulk at anchor, and that aspect inspired dark thoughts.  What if, what if . . . ?  And, from those dark thoughts came Emerald Lady Penhavean and a mysterious Captain of the high seas. If you would like to sample a taste of this novella, go here.
   Quick add-on: I have now finished this novella, and it has a lovely twist in the tale!