Friday, 9 September 2011

The Highwayman's Mistress - Live on Kindle!

Today The Highwayman's Mistress went live as Kindle e-book at Amazon: see left sidebar for link.

Be warned it has three explicit sex scenes.

The first chapter is available to read: see left sidebar, or read sample Kindle version at Amazon.

This is the cover, and below the blurb!

The novella is set in 1792 - 1793 respectively: the era of the French Revolution.

Richard Courtenay Viscount Somerton, gallant as heroes come, has agreed to see Miss Diamonta Whitaker, safely delivered to the Palace of Versailles. Half French by birth and daughter of a French countess, Diamonta has more than one reason for accepting a gracious invite to stay at the Royal Court at Versailles. Her heart lies at court, with Francois de Boviere, Count of Saint Mont Marche.

Unfortunately, tide of revolution has swept from Paris to Versailles and heads of French aristocrats are seriously under threat of Madame Guillotine. With Diamonta's coche still en route to Versailles, strange as it seems a highwayman delivers a message by way of robbery to save her life. Can she, upon return to England, ever recover from her mother's wrath once her relationship with a highwayman is discovered, and can he survive a duel to the death?

See book trailer here