Thursday, 5 April 2012

New Kindle Book - Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Finally, I've got around to re-publishing a full length novel: first published in 1994.

What is there to say, other than it reflects a big chunk of my life (real-time), yet it's set within fiction! But as the saying goes, truth is often stranger than fiction. But as the famous saying goes: Nothing is ever quite what it seems!

A Romantic Suspense: Headline News – MI6 Officer Assassinated.

Witness to the tragic death of her husband, traumatised and terrified, Cassie’s world has collapsed, and nine months after the incident she’s still struggling to gain sense of normality. Meanwhile her son makes use of his late father’s computer without permission, and discovers what he thinks is a cool computer game. Whilst playing said game Dominic is unaware it is sending coded messages across the ether.

Naturally, when a best friend of her late husband arrives on her doorstep, Cassie is drawn to McKinley in a way she never imagined possible. In the meantime a web of lies and deceit soon turn her life into a living nightmare, and come a final showdown she’s the one holding the gun. But can she squeeze the trigger?

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