Friday 26 October 2012

Wicked Voodoo Spells & Mystical Fairy Dust!

Today the lovely Janice Horton is holding a Spell blog-hop to celebrate the launch of her romantic and humorous Halloween flavoured novella.

Get it here:
How Do you Voodoo

Now would that be Wicked, Sensual or plain Lustful Voodoo?

Well, now that you're here, how about a bit of lustful voodoo that tickles my taste buds!

Meet Luv, (((ahem)) I mean . . . Well what do I mean?

Let's just say gorgeous hunk of male testosterone... ;)

Now... What spell to cast ???????????? 

A spell sprinkled with fairy dust...

Oh golden mists of sunny plains;
give all my fellow writers' gains
Of books and shining tales untold
of sales and glorious heaps of gold!

ode to Luv

Be still my beating heart,
for Luv is born of Allessandre,
 No less his story told
and of a Billionaire so bold
to face a lioness to win
the mother of his kin.

See left hand column for Allessandre's story.