Friday, 4 January 2013

New Release (Historical Novel)

This is Book 2 in the Royal Series - now out on release.

This particular novel is dedicated to Lord George Scott O.B.E, a descendant of Lucy Walter & James Scott Duke of Monmouth. Needless to say much new evidence of Lucy Walter's fidelity (not infidelity) and her loyalty to Charles II has come to light. In this novel, in part I redeem her honour through the eyes of others. But once the Royal Series (4 books) is complete I shall set out to pen a new account of Lucy Walter's life as Mistress or Wife?

A steamy romance set against the backdrop of Charles Stuart’s attempt to wrest England from Oliver Cromwell’s clutches (1651), and that of the royal court in exile.

Once renowned as the Toast of Clifton, Elizabeth Mountjoy strives to shake off rumours she was ever mistress to Charles II, for she’s madly in love with Captain Thomas Thornton: a Parliamentarian Captain of Horse. Unfortunately, past betrayal haunts Thomas, and when the chance to right a wrong comes his way he once again fights for the King. But to lose his estate lands is a high price to pay for heroism in defeat. Worse, the love of his life suffers the wrath of one of Cromwell’s officers, and Thomas is finally forced to decide who must come first whilst in exile, wife or King? He’s not alone in facing a dilemma, for the King too is forced to put his country first before his heart as court intrigues in exile take precedence.

Book 1 is also out on Kindle and, as a Paperback.

A 17th century story of Undying Love and Scandalous Seduction, and all set against the backdrop of the English Civil War in which swashbuckling Cavaliers and Musketeers abound.

To live a privileged existence is one thing, but to dare to assist a much loved and wounded enemy soldier is to tempt fate of a ruinous downfall. Her blooded gown when discovered brings the wrath of Anna Lady Maitcliffe's guardian and betrothed upon her head, the punishment unimagined.

Torn between penniless flight or succumb to the inevitable, fate steps forth to cause pain and heartache Anna never thought to experience. For war has finally come to Axebury Hall Estate. In the wake of tragedy and death she ponders how it is possible when the enemy is in the house to love and hate with such intensity?


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