Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Lucy Walter - mistress or wife of Charles II?

Would you like to know a little more about Lucy Walter, Charles II's mistress or wife?
With the help of Lord George Scott (new evidence) I endeavour to redeem Lucy's reputation from that of King's whore to a devoted mother who was sorely abused by ambitious courtiers hell-bent on ridding her son from any chance of becoming his legitimate son. Why did James II continue to set vile calumnies against the Duke of Monmouth's mother long after her death, something James' followers upheld in chronicles and furthermore, authors of historical novels have continued to follow the same calumnious route to her detriment. I tell Lucy's story through the eyes of the hero and heroine of TOC.
This steamy romance is set against the backdrop of Charles Stuart’s attempt to wrest England from Oliver Cromwell’s clutches (1651), and that of the royal court in exile.
Once renowned as the Toast of Clifton, Elizabeth Mountjoy strives to shake off rumours she was ever mistress to Charles II, for she’s madly in love with Captain Thomas Thornton: a Parliamentarian Captain of Horse. Unfortunately, past betrayal haunts Thomas, and when the chance to right a wrong comes his way he once again fights for the King. But to lose his estate lands is a high price to pay for heroism in defeat. Worse, the love of his life suffers the wrath of one of Cromwell’s officers, and Thomas is finally forced to decide who must come first whilst in exile, wife or King? He’s not alone in facing a dilemma, for the King too is forced to put his country first before his heart as the court intrigues in exile take precedence.