Sunday, 7 September 2014

"Meet my Character" blog hop!

The lovely D.B. Schaefer asked me to participate in a fun “Meet My Character” blog tour. 
Her latest and first release “Me and Georgette” is out on release, and you can read all about it at her blog.

Is "Me and Georgette" a Time-slip or Traditional Regency Romance novel? Well, that you must find out for yourselves...

Waffle aside and getting to the crux at issue, which of my characters did I choose? Well, in short, I have so many charming characters riding around in the 17th century,  and others who strut their stuff in the Georgian City of Bath. Then there are those who are familiar with Bath during the Regency era, thus it was a case of straws at dawn. And so... Please meet Rupert Marquis of Rantchester, who’s a tad more familiar with pistols at dawn and oft referred to as The Dark Marquis.


There was a questionnaire for this blog hop, but Rebel that I am I’ve cast aside the questionnaire, and I think you’ll agree, the following reveals all you need to know about Rupert.

Rupert is a true blood Regency aristocrat who has a commodious house in Upper Belgrave Street, London; a smaller residence in the Royal Crescent, Bath; and of course, his father’s country estate a short distance from Bath serves purpose in the hunting season. Unlucky in love, Rantchester has finally met a young widow, and Estelle has indeed won his heart. But Estelle has a secret, so does Rantchester. And, when Estelle is introduced to the Duke of Leighdon her aspirations for future happiness with her beloved is dashed outright. Worse, an old flame of Ranchester’s, the luscious Caroline Lady Somerville, stirs unrest in many quarters for she too is now a widow and will resort to any means at her disposal to oust Estelle from Rupey’s thoughts.
Thus, torn by love for Estelle, sense of duty to a past fancy of his, and a bethrothed he cannot abide, Rantchester is drawn back to the darker side of his former existence.

As secrets, lies and half truths begin to surface a much greater threat is stalking in the shadows. A fatal riding accident suddenly becomes a case of murder, and when a portraitist falls foul to a dreadful death Estelle is in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Fearing she will be the killer’s next victim, her household staff rally to her aid and all find themselves besieged within her country retreat bar for one brave young soul who risks her life to save Estelle. But it is Caroline’s near murder that finally sets Rantchester on the trail of the killer. Fearing the villain will strike again, The Dark Marquis rides to death or victory his heart on his sleeve, but is it already too late?
A Romantic Regency Murder Mystery (steamy).
I've tagged three lovely authors to reveal a little about their chosen character/s.
The Lovely Sasha Cottman:
Born in England, but raised in Australia, Sasha has a love for both countries. Having her heart in two places has created a love for travel, which at last count was to over 55 countries. A travel guide is always on her pile of new books to read.

Sasha lives in Melbourne with her husband, teenage daughter and a cat who thinks sitting on the keyboard is being helpful. Her family have managed to find all but one of her secret chocolate hiding places.When not writing, she is busy working full time as a Chartered Accountant. On the weekends Sasha loves walking on the beach while devising new ways to torture her characters.
"Letter from a Rake": Sasha is offering a Free copy for a Happy Winner!!
Finalist 2014 Romantic Book of the Year. (Ruby).
Winner 2013 Book Junkies Choice Award for Historical Romance.
Finalist in the ARRA Awards Best Historical Romance and Best New Author.
Sasha’s newest release An Unsuitable Match is released through Destiny Romance on 16th September 2014.
The Lovely Renée  Reynolds

Author Renée Reynolds grew up all over the world as the daughter of a globe-trotting Marine father and spirited and supportive mother. Their family motto: you can never learn too much, travel too much, or talk too much. She majored in majors in college, and after obtaining a handful of degrees she decided not to use any of them. Instead she writes about what she cannot do - go back in time to dance at balls, flirt with lords and scoundrels, and gallop unfashionably down Rotten Row during the most fashionable hour.
After dodging a few Collinses and Wickhams, Renée happily snared a Darcy. Her HEA turned out to be in Texas, where she resides with "the hubs, the kiddos, a boisterous menagerie of indoor and outdoor animals, and a yard of meticulously maintained weeds." She has happily tagged on this addendum to the family motto: you can never read too much, too often, or too late at night.
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The lovely Catherine, better known as Madame Gilflurt.

Glorious Georgian ginbag, gossip and gadabout Catherine Curzon, aka Madame Gilflurt, is the author of A Covent Garden Gilflurt’s Guide to Life. When not setting quill to paper, she can usually be found gadding about the tea shops and gaming rooms of the capital or hosting intimate gatherings at her tottering abode. In addition to her blog at  Madame G can also be spotted on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
Thank you ladies for taking time out to join with this blog hop!