Saturday, 7 March 2015

Venturing to the darkside of erotic fairy tales!

For this novella I've stepped back in time with an erotic fairy tale theme, admittedly with a twist in the tale that may, or may not please some readers. But there really are no rules in the game of writing love stories, and predictable stereotypical romance heroes are just that, predictable from the moment they step to the page. Thus, this story is far from predictable, and the hero far from stereotypical in the way he conducts himself, or in the way he wins the heroine's heart.
The back cover blurb:
A Gothic tale of lust and love in the vein of Beauty and the Beast: the classic fairytale.
Thus, on Putney Heath in the year of 1783 stands a house renowned for two ghosts of a scandalous bent, none of which deters patronage to Madame DuPont’s infamous abode by wealthy gentlemen. With the sudden death of Madame DuPont, and accrued debts of which her daughter has no hope of paying, Celeste is faced with the horrors of the debtors’ prison or the unspeakable of having to sell her body for monetary gain: as had her mother. But fate intervenes with a guardian angel, and marriage to Captain Wendover is soon the answer to her prayers but not her dreams. Life though has cruel twists and turns and Celeste discovers true love runs deep, much deeper than she had anticipated when a man from her past steps back into her life.