Saturday, 16 May 2015

A Prequel to my English Civil War Series.

Prequel to The Royal Series

Debt of Honour
Book Blurb:

A 17th century prequel (novella) set in the year 1642 when Civil War in England is no longer mere rumour, it has become reality with muskets primed and swords drawn. Death or Glory is the motto of the Earl of Axbridge, his men at arms likewise and all in the name of King Charles I.
The earl – handsome, virile, a courtier and the King’s Emissary to the Low Countries has long since harnessed and hidden his passionate nature from his wife. Sadly upon his return to Axebury Hall with an orphaned child at his side, hell rains as he never thought to encounter. Nonetheless, betrayal comes in many guises. Who then has betrayed his King and, the master of Axebury Hall? There is only one way the earl will defeat the enemy from within the family fold and that is by the sword. Unfortunately he cannot avoid hurting a woman who is as close to his heart as his son and that of the girl who has lately become his ward. Thus, I give you the earl, his son and a young lady who will bind them in ways that will one day present the greatest challenge to the earl’s credibility as a man of honour.
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