Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Book Release!

A remote Scottish Castle, Murder, Mystery, and Romance.

You'll probably note the sprig of holly on the book cover, but this is not essentially a Christmas story, even though the seasonal aspect has a small part to play. This is a book that features dark elements, which most die-hard lovers of Sweet Regency Novels - in the vein of Jane Austen - will no doubt hate. But I do aim to reflect the darker side of Georgian and Regency life, combined with the social mores of that period. Thus I give you Lady Caroline, she whom led the Marquis of Rantchester astray (The Dark Marquis) until he took a firm grip on his own life.

Book blurb:

Whilst young Lady Caroline Douglas is plotting to take flight from a disastrous marriage and escape the confines of KilKenneth Castle, betrayal, lust, and the financial bank crisis of 1825 suddenly opens a Pandora’s box of intrigue, murder, and mystery. The newly widowed Lady Caroline faces few choices in light of imminent poverty, the best being to hunt down and marry a wealthy man, the worst to runaway with a penniless lover. Thence unbidden attentions of a would-be laird and with assistance from his strange sister, they conspire to keep Caroline prisoner to his every whim. Thus Caroline turns to essence of the dream smoke to thwart their plans, until a lewd painting leads to dark desires and threat of forced submission to the would-be laird. But romance and escape to love and happiness Caroline had so sought, and never encountered, her fate seemingly lies within a stained glass window depicting a mediaeval knight.