Saturday, 30 November 2019

"The Quiet Ones are the Ones to Watch!"

When a new book is released and time seems to vanish! 

Where do the days and weeks go? I wish I knew, and wish I had a PA to keep my correspondence up to date, and keep my blog updated. Thus wish on I must...


Anyhoo, Georgiana Darcy's Secret Letters was released a while back. It's a steamier novel than Mr. Darcy's Mistress, and throughout I kept telling myself - just remember how shy Georgiana was and depicted by Ms Austen as of a retiring nature. 

After all, Georgiana barely said boo but had almost eloped with George Wickham a year prior to his elopement (abduction) with Lydia Bennet. 

Ponderous thought on that!!

The old adage "the quiet ones are the ones to watch" (is in general referral to men) but it is true, Ms Austen implied Georgiana was shy (retiring). But an elopement isn't conjured out of Scotch mist, is it? 

And so, with Georgiana set free on the page she decided she had learned from bitter experience and would not make the same mistake again. Thus, how can one get into trouble with writing letters to a young man who dared to send one in the first place?

Assured letters cannot land her in a naughty pickle she  indulges a young officer's bent to exchange of mutual correspondence. But such can convey the best of a person and hide secrets, just as letters themselves can be kept secret. 

Oh lordy, Georgiana soon discovers, as one might with growing confidence, she begins to reveal more than one would wish for and that in itself may pose a problem that can only be resolved with face to face interaction. And well, once paper is cast aside and flesh and blood man stands before one, all that must be said is much the harder to convey. More so if his close proximity is somewhat desirable.

There you have it, once kissed there is no turning back from the joy of budding romance, and whilst discretion is uppermost and neither wishing to spoil their cosy correspondence dare she indulge more favourable pastimes? 

That first touch, that first beat of unbridled passion could become her undoing and when the past looms to haunt her, dare she really trust her heart this time? 

From the wilds of the Derbyshire Dales to the elegance of Pemberley, it is to the Scottish Borders and the man who wins her heart where she finds true happiness.   

Iolaire House

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