Sunday, 19 June 2016

St Luke's Hospice - Charity Book!

A Book in loving memory of a person I never knew, but from what I've heard, he was much-loved within the Napoleonic re-enactment scene.  The dedication by staff at Hospices to ensure the passing over of patients from their care to the other life - with dignity and compassion - is second to none.  


Come sit by the camp fire with some of the best historical fiction authors in the business, and listen to the Sarge's tales.... 

The story of a forbidden love affair on the eve of Napoleon's escape from Elba. 

The eerie tale of what happened to Mark Skinner in the orchard at Hougoumont 

Waterloo, through the tear-filled eyes of Marshal Ney 

The story of the Idiots Abroad. 

You will laugh. You will cry. 
You will want to strangle the lot of them... 
... and many more. 

All proceeds go to the St Luke's Hospice in Plymouth, who took such good care of our Sarge. 

And all stories were chosen because he'd have liked 'em.