Wednesday, 9 March 2016

New Georgian/Regency Series - The Trevellians' of New-Lyn

Dear Reader,

A year past I wrote a Romantic Regency Murder Mystery titled For Love of Captain Jack - and shortly after publication day I received a lovely email from a reader. So intrigued by entries from a journal penned by the Captain's deceased mother, the reader expressed interest in knowing a little more about his parents prior to the young captain's story. Of course I did indeed mull the prospect of writing what could become a mini-family series, but to do so would entail writing the books in reverse order. Another problem that arose was in how to reveal the individual viewpoints  of Admiral Trevellian, and that of his beloved Comtesse Montecute, and all without undue exposure of prior events associated with the murders and mysteries within their son's story. Thus Adelle Montecute's journal plays a vital role as the books' progress, spanning the years and lives of the Trevellians. The first two stories are set within the Georgian period, the third most definitely within the Regency era. And I can only hope you will enjoy the stories where two people fall hopelessly in love and defy the conventions and rules of society by indulging  in secret liaisons.   

An emotional and poignant tale of murder, mystery, and romance.

After the dreadful murder of la Comtesse Montacute and her sons, in the grounds of the family château, le Comte and his daughter are mortified by turn of events. Who did it and for what reason? Utterly distraught, they accept the help of an English marquis and return with him to England. A dreadful dilemma then unfolds. A secret tryst between Adelle and a young admiral leads to untold heartache when Adelle’s aunt declares she is spoken for. Thus Adelle would rather risk life on the streets with a fellow countryman than abide to her father and her aunt’s desire to see her wedded to the marquis. But when a man of cold countenance and vengeful nature is hunting her, as he would a fox running ahead of his hounds, she fears the marquis will win the day by means most cruel and dastardly. 

The Admiral's Sin - A Romantic Murder Mystery (The Trevellians' of New-Lyn Book 2)
A Heart-wrenching story of loss, love, and revenge.
Wanting to believe the past is in the past and friendship can be reinstated with an old adversary, Admiral Trevellian loses far more than he ever bargained on by trusting the Duke of Norfleet. Betrayal runs deep, so deep Trevellian awakens to discover his wife has stolen away with her French coachman, and fearing the worst that she’s taken their son, Trevellian is further shocked to discover the boy has been left in his charge. Wielding a sword in battle is quite different than wielding one in pure anger and grievance at another’s insane jealousy and destructive bent. But hold the duke to account, Trevellian will, until satisfaction is met with cold steel to flesh. Life for Trevellian is utter purgatory, and whilst he believes death will cease his unbearable pain, his son determines otherwise.

Finally, book 3 - another love story!

It is 1814 Regency England, and Captain Jack Trevellian RN (Royal Navy) has returned home to South Devon. But on the eve of his return, a young woman is murdered. Three more murders occur in quick succession, and Captain Jack is convinced someone wishes to see him dangling from a hangman’s noose. Determined to uncover the identity of the killer, Captain Jack and his army friend Captain Lester Knight, stir more trouble than anticipated when their aristocratic neighbour brings rank to bear in matters of the judicial system.

Although young women in the district are warned to travel about in pairs, when the vicar’s daughter and a young lady (of whom Trevellian is rather attached) hear blood-curdling screams in Lyn Woods, they are thankful Captain Jack provided an armed guard to keep them safe. Nonetheless, wilful, bold and daring, and all for love of Captain Jack, Alathea Velvet Hawkesworth attempts to lure the murderer from the shadows at a grand masque ball. The true identity of the murderous villain is not as imagined, and she fears she will die a terrible death whilst laughter, music and heady scent of roses drift on a balmy evening breeze, and all within a palatial setting.